Kingsbridge Title
Agency, LLC
Kingsbridge Title Agency provides title
insurance in all 21 counties of New
Jersey.  You can order your searches
by phone, fax or e-mail.  For
institutional investors we have an
e-commerce site where you enter your
order and are able to track it from
start to finish. Your loans for the entire
50 states can be placed here.
Jim Kirk, President of Kingsbridge Title Agency, has been
working in and for the title insurance and real estate
industries for the past 10 years. Jim, with his in-depth
industry knowledge, knows the right solution providers in
both title and real estate matters.  We will be able to provide
you with the tough searches in a timely manner due to our
talented and experienced title readers in dealing with home
purchases, condo units and commercial developments.
Kingsbridge Title Agency provides timely and accurate
searches to attorneys and lenders using the best tools
available in the title industry.
Kingsbridge Title Agency, LLC
(Across from Pascack Valley Hospital)

15 Charles Street, Westwood, NJ 07675
Telephone (201) 383-0660
Fax (201) 383-0659

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